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What is Marketing Isn’t About You?

  • It’s not another Internet Marketing book.
  • It’s not a sales pitch in disguise.
  • It’s not a here-today-gone-tomorrow trick or ‘hack’ that will stop working.

It's a marketing blueprint.

By following the structure clearly laid out in the 157 pages of this book, you’ll have complete clarity over who you should be talking to and what to say to them in order to to stand out, sell more, and make more impact.

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  • “It brings out the language and the communication of your ideal client and it helps you to hone in on it.”

    Yvonne Halling
  • “It’s not going to just be good for marketing, but it's also really good for your business.”

    Heather Parbst
  • “These strategies turn into striking performance increases. I now leverage them at every opportunity.”

    Arnaud Saint-Paul
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Most companies blend in.

Your sales aren’t going up quickly enough. Your ads aren’t working well enough. You’re not standing out and prospects don’t get see what makes you special.

You’re unique. One of a kind. It's communicating it that's a struggle.

What does it take to stand out?

Successful organizations know who they’re talking to and what to say to them, to sell.

If visitors could see your brand’s value as clearly as you do, how many more sales would you make? How much more impact could you make?

Inside This Book, Here Are A Few Of The Discoveries You’ll Receive…

Exactly what you’re getting:

  • How to identify where your best customers are hiding & what you must say to them so they’ll reveal themselves.
  • Guide to getting into their circle of trust (while kicking out your competitors) without actually talking to them.
  • Clarity over what works and what doesn’t these days, with an approach that’s faster and simpler to implement.

Exactly what you’re getting:

  1. Your best customers will find you, and they’ll view you as someone they can trust, rather than ‘just another company’.
  2. You won’t need to ‘sell’ anymore. The right people will find you, trust you, and be committed customers for years.

Exactly what you’re getting:

We’ll walk you through the system and make sure you get maximum ethical advantage for your business.

We love this part, but can’t do it 1-on-1 forever, so definitely take advantage of it while it lasts.

And That’s Just The First 3 Chapters…

You'll Also Get Communication Blueprints For Repeat Customers, Creating Referrals & Evangelists, Plus Specific Industry Use Cases.

Ship My FREE Copy of Marketing Isn’t About You Now I’m Ready To Stand Out, Sell More, and Make More Impact

“A percentage of anything you ever invest in us in the future will go straight to fighting human trafficking.

It's the fastest growing crime in the world.

Together, we can make a difference…”

Adam Fairhead Fairhead Group

Here’s What To Do Next…

Like we mentioned before, this book is being extended to you for free. All we ask is that you help us cover the printing and postage costs ($7.95 US or $14.95 Int’l).

There is no catch.

It’s critically important for our group to lead the way with ethical marketing practices, not least of all because we are representatives of cause-driven business.

Here is why we’re giving this book away for free:

  1. It’s our way of getting this message out to more companies that are doing important, meaningful work.
  2. We don't pay our bills by keeping our strategies a secret, like so many marketers do. Instead, we do so by offering to help businesses implement what they learn. First, you need a breakthrough. We give those gratis.
  3. We’re tired of seeing tired marketing tactics seduce business owners without delivering results. So we want to put a strategy that actually works out into the market, and show them how to execute it, gratis.
Ship My FREE Copy of Marketing Isn’t About You Now I’m Ready To Stand Out, Sell More, and Make More Impact

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Long-term, we plan on only selling printed copies exclusively through Amazon, iBooks and B&N. There’s a lot more overhead involved in shipping these manually in this offer.

But it’s only by shipping these manually in this way that we can offer it to you for free.

So we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer while it lasts–before we end the offer and leave it for sale at full retail price in major marketplaces.

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Ship My FREE Copy of Marketing Isn’t About You Now I’m Ready To Stand Out, Sell More, and Make More Impact

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If fact, if you don't love the book, we’ll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back).

So, click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won't regret it, and your business will thank you.

- Adam Fairhead, Founder

Ship My FREE Copy of Marketing Isn’t About You Now I’m Ready To Stand Out, Sell More, and Make More Impact

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